IC434 Horsehead Nebula and NGC2024 Flame Nebula by Felix Ecker

This weeks IOTW goes to Felix Ecker.

This Image is a 2 frame mosaic taken in the Alps of Austria. I used a RASA 11″ f2.2 Astrograph with an Atik 460exm camera for Ha and a Canon 600da for RGB. This is the first time i tried “normal, non-highspeed” Narrowband Filters (the Baader Highspeed Filters are sold out pretty much all over Europe :D) Image Data: 30x6min bin1x1 H-alpha 10x1min bin 1×1 H-alpha 144x3min RGB Dark, Flat, Bias Equipment: RASA 11″ f2.2 Astrograph on an AZ-EQ6 with Lodestar Guider Atik 460ex mono and Canon 600d Baader Filters 7nm H-alpha Software: Maxim DL for data aquisition DSS, PixInsight and Photoshop CS6 for postprocessing

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