IOTW: Mark Blundell’s IC410

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This weeks IOTW goes to Mark Blundell for his IC410

Note: Only used a DSLR before, this is my first time imaging with a CCD “type” camera. Source: First light with my new ZWO ASI 1600mm-Cool (CMOS) camera, complete with electronic ZWO filter wheel and filters. I managed to get 5 Oiii and 11 Ha 10min subs which was just enough to have a go at doing my first Bi-Colour which was a big learning curve. I used Annie’s Actions “HA-Oiii Bi-Colour” tool to Bring the “Starless Ha” and “Starless Oiii” together and then add the Ha (with stars) as a luminance layer. EQUIPMENT:- Telescope Meade 6000 115mm and AZ-EQ6 GT, ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool cmos camera, Orion Mini Auto Guide, Astronomik 12nm Ha Filter, Astronomik Oiii Filter, Chip Temp Cooled to -20 degC, IMAGING DETAILS:- IC 410 (Auriga), Gain 139 (Unit Gain), Dithering, 11 Ha subs@600sec (1h 50min), 5 Oiii subs@600sec (50min), Total imaging Time 2h 40min, 20 Darks, No Flats, PROCESSING/GUIDING SOFTWARE:- APT “Astro Photograph Tools”, DSS, PS CS2.

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