IOTW: Artūras Medvedevas’s NGC 4565

This weeks IOTW goes to Artūras Medvedevas for his NGC 4565

Artūras Medvedevas


This galaxy was quite surprising- it is really bright, and I initially planned on doing 600s L subs, but after getting RGB data decided that I will do 300s same as for RGB. Managed to pull some great detail considering my scope (5″ with ~40% central obstruction), so quite happy with that. Lots of smaller galaxies out there too, not all cataloged in main catalogs though. Equipment/Acquisition Details: Imaging Scope: SkyWatcher Explorer 130PDS 650mm F5 newtonian reflector Imaging Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius-SX694 Mono CCD Filter Wheel: Starlight Xpress Mini Filter Wheel w/ Integrated OAG Filters: 1.25″ mounted Baader LRGB filters Guide Camera: Lodestar X2 Mount: SkyWatcher NEQ6 with wedge upgrade, hypertuned Accessories/Software: QHY Polemaster, EQMOD, PHD2, Sequence Generator Pro, Pixinsight Integration Details: 55x300s L, 15x300s R, 14x300s G, 12x300s B. TOTAL: 8 Hours.

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