IOTW: M27 by Nicolas Kizilian

Nicolas Kizilian

M27, the Dumbbell Nebula (Bicolor Ha/OIII)

A bicolor version of the Dumbbell Nebula (M27) made with my good old Meade Instruments 2080 Schmidt-Cassegrain that I I have been owning for 24 years now. Meade 2080 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Meade F6.3 reducer Moravian CCD cameras G2-8300 CCD + Astrodon Ha / OIII 5nm filters Guiding camera : QHY5LII-C Guiding scope : William Optics ZenithStar 66 AZEQ6 mount Acquisition with Sequence Generator Pro Guiding with PHD2 Polar Alignment : QHY PoleMaster Data : Ha = 17 x 10mn = 2h50mn OIII = 21 x 10mn = 3h30mn No Flats 25 Darks Total integration : 6h20mn Processing : Pixinsight and Photoshop CS6

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