IOTW: Dave Watkins NGC6888

Dave Watkins

NGC6888 Crescent Nebula

Taken with an Orion 120mm f/5 refractor, ATIK460EX, 8 x 30min Ha (7nm), 14 x 30min OIII (3nm), 120 x 30sec Lum, 60 x 30sec Red, 120 x 15 sec Green, 120 x 15 sec Blue. R: (Ha * 0.9) + (O3 * 0.1), G: (Ha * 0.2) + (O3 * 0.8), B: (Ha * 0.0) + (O3 * 1.0). LRGB was used for star color only. Ended up with lots of tiny stars, really had to work in PI to take them down. Also had to do a re-take on the Blue and Lum lights, had bad halos. The lens cap on the Orion has a smaller aperture and ended up having to use it while imaging Blue and Lum to help get rid of halos.

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