IOTW: The Heart Nebula by David Wills

David Wills

Melotte 15 The Heart Nebula

This is a cropped image of the original 5 hrs 20 mins Ha 4 hrs 20 mins OIII 3 hrs 20 mins SII. 13 hrs total . All subs were 1200 secs. First time using my new Ioptron CEM60 mount to create a colour image and have to say very impressed with the performance of this mount. Very pleased with the detail I’ve managed to capture. Now on to the next target. Optics: Skywatcher Esprit 120 F7 Camera: Xpress Trius SX-694 Mono Cooled to -15C Image Scale: 1.07 Arcsec Guiding: OAG Filters: Baader Ha Mount: iOptron CEM60 “Standard” GOTO Centre Balanced Equatorial Mount Image Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro Stacking and Calibrating: Pixinsight Processing: Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CC

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