Upcoming Shows

Shows are scheduled for 9:30 pm EST every Sunday.

March 3, Ray Gralak, PemPro—-Technical Difficulties (See April 14)

March 10, Miqaela Weller, AstroImaging on a Budget

March 17, Ryan Blankenship, Dialing in Polar Alignment with Polemaster and PHD2

March 24, Daniel Perry (TBD) Powering While Away From Home /OR/ Where to Start With Equipment

March 31, Ron Brecher, Advanced Pixel Math in PixInsight

April 7——No Show—–We will be at NEAF…..Hope to see you there.

April 14, Ray Gralak, PemPro (reschedule from March 3 due to technical difficulties)

April 21, Bob Denny, Updates to ACP and ASCOM ALPACA

April 28, Tom Bash, High Resolution Planetary Imaging