Alex McConahay has volunteered data on M13 for this workshop.
Download the data from this link:

Alex McConahay M13 Data

and give it your best shot at processing.

Please include details of your processing and try to submit the data before August 11, 2019.

Processors may be asked to share some details on their image during a TAIC live session on August 18.

Note: It takes at least 24 hours or so to get your image posted to this page after you have submitted it.

Personal and non commercial posting of your work is permitted. However, it must include a statement such as:

“This image was based on data provided by Alex McConahay as part of the Workshop at”

You are not allowed to use your image commercially without express written consent of the original imager. Should you wish assistance in contacting the imager to use the image for any commercial or non-personal purpose, please send a message to

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