IOTW: The Wall. Processed by Victor Van Puyenbroeck, Imaged by Alex McConahay

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Alex McConahay’s NGC7000

Victor Van Puyenbroeck

Processed in PixInsight. Luminance workflow: Stretched Lum and Ha, NR on both layers, combined as Lum*Ha, strechted. Lightened Lum with combined Ha*L channel, DSE script. Color: RGB combine, BN, add Ha to R channel with NBRGBComb script, PCC, SCNR, NR with MLT, stretch (Arcsinh+HT), LRGBComb, curves on CIE*a*b channels to adjust hues, reduce stars with MT, Crop, Clonestamp to remove obvious RGB hot pixels, ColorSaturation.

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